Ben Ridgway's film "Cellular Circuitry" selected as a Director’s Choice for the 32nd Annual Black Maria Film Festival tour

Wednesday, January 30, 2013 - 15:01

The Film Festival Premiere Tour Kickoff will begin on February 1, 2013 at New Jersey City University and then continue on an extended tour to various host venues across the USA and on to Rome, Italy, wrapping up in October. Since 1981, the annual Black Maria Film + Video Festival has taken its name from that of the world's first motion picture studio built by Thomas Edison in 1893. The Festival and its tour operate as an independent non-profit organization and is the primary endeavor of Thomas Edison Media Arts. For over 30 years the Festival has been acclaimed for advocating, supporting and widely exhibiting fresh short works up to an hour in length by emerging as well as by veteran independent film and videomakers. The festival’s annual competition is juried by noted exponents of independent work and results in 40 to 60 works chosen for the festival’s annual tour. The tour visits 65 or more diverse institutions in 20 or more states starting with the premiere each season at New Jersey City University, in Jersey City, NJ.

Vie more information on the festival and about Professor Ridgway's work.