Shared Governance

Bylaws for Cinema Tenure/Tenure Track Search Procedures (approved 10/5/18)

  1. Establishment

    • The Committee will consist of 5 tenured members of the Cinema faculty elected by secret ballot by the Cinema faculty-at-large, including probationary faculty.

    • In exceptional cases, junior faculty may serve on a search committee if approved by the President of the University according to Academic Senate policy.

    • Tenured faculty can self-nominate or be nominated by other members of the faculty and/or by the School of Cinema Director.

    • To achieve greater diversity across searches, it is preferable for search committee membership to rotate every year.

    • The Director of the School may serve on the search committee, if elected, or submit a separate recommendation.


    • The Committee drafts the call for applications and related search documents following the language used by the faculty-at-large to determine and secure the respective search.

    • Search documents are to be approved by the Dean of the College of Liberal & Creative Arts as well as the Dean of Faculty Affairs prior to any marketing.

    • Every effort should be made to advertise to a diverse pool of potential applicants.

    • All faculty in the School of Cinema are encouraged to recruit applicants by forwarding the approved call for applications to colleagues, discussing the strengths of the School, College and University with potential applicants, and addressing basic questions.

    • Once an applicant applies for a position, all future questions with the applicant should be forwarded to the Search Committee.


    • The Director of the School will charge a member (s) of the staff to support the administrative needs of the Committee, ensuring that each applicant’s file is complete before the Committee begins deliberations and sending out confirmation notices.

    • Only the respective staff member(s), the elected members of the Search Committee, and the Director of the School can review candidate files and upload them in the “box” folder assigned by Faculty Affairs.


    • All meetings of Search Committee members, whether formal or informal, shall be clearly announced to all members of the Search Committee with written advance notice, so than all Search Committee members may participate, with the exclusion of one-on-one meetings between such parties and the Search Committee Chair acting within her/his formal reporting capacity.

    • Any meeting scheduled with the Chair or Dean will include all duly noted members of the committee unless it is simply for reporting.

    • The Search Committee should produce a “long” list of 7-10 candidates for “Skype” interviews, conduct those interviews, and then, after discussion, produce a “short” list of 4 candidates to interviews for Dean approval, on which the Director shall be duly copied.


    • The Director of the School may participate in the “Skype” interviews, but not the deliberations that follow. This is because the Director may elect to write a separate recommendation.

    • In the event that a candidate is eliminated from the list for campus visits for whatever reason (e.g., a candidate drops out, the Dean rejects a candidate) the Search Committee should bring an alternative.

    • The Chair of the Search Committee shall regularly report on the progress of the Search to the Director of the School, conveying the names of the selectees, the status of invitations, any budget overages planned, etc.

    • Any changes to the composition of the finalists must be reported to the Chair immediately.

    Campus Interviews

    • It is always advisable to have at least three candidates come in for a campus interview.

    • Upon approval of the Dean, the committee organizes campus visits to include all of the:

    o Providing cover letters, syllabi, CVs and sample work to the faculty-at-large;

    o Interview with the search committee;

    o Interview with the Director of the School;

    o Interview with the Dean;

    o Interview with the Provost if the position comes with tenure

    o Teaching demonstration and/or student critique;

    o Research/creative work presentation

    o Meetings with select students;

    o A social event such as lunch or dinner.

    • All faculty not on leave should at minimum arrange to attend the presentation and a social event for each candidate. Faculty not on the Committee may volunteer to help by escorting interviewees to campus appointments, airport pick-ups, etc.


    • Only after references have been strictly vetted for all interviewed candidates shall the Search Committee convene to deliberate on its recommendation.

    • Once determined, the Search Committee shall report its deliberation result to the Director, and shall bring their recommendation to the faculty at large at the earliest scheduled faculty meeting.

    o The committee can recommend one candidate, rank the candidates, recommend two candidates, or recommend extending the search to the following year.

    • The faculty-at-large should discuss the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate brought to campus, hear a full report of the reference checks, consider the preliminary recommendation offered by the Search Committee, and ask questions of the Search Committee and School Director. At the conclusion of the meeting, the faculty-at-large, including untenured faculty, offer its recommendation to the Search Committee.

    o The recommendation should be conducted by secret ballot.

    • If the faculty vote produces a different result from the recommendation of the Search Committee, the Search Committee reconvenes to discuss whether or how to amend their recommendation. In such a case, the Search Committee will conduct a second secret ballot vote to determine its final ranking, and thus recommendation to the Dean.


    • The Search Committee’s recommendation to the Dean, on which the Director shall be copied, should summarize the rationale behind its recommendation along the lines of the search ad and the position description. In its recommendation, the Committee should also clearly report the recommendation made by the faculty-at-large, providing the final faculty ballot count.

    • If not on the Search Committee, the Director of the School will submit a separate recommendation. The recommendation may concur with the recommendation of the Search Committee, or offer an alternative recommendation. The Director’s letter should summarize his or her rationale.


    • The Director of the School makes both the Committee recommendation letter and Director recommendation letter available to the faculty-at-large.

    • Once a recommendation is accepted by the Dean, the Committee’s work is complete and it falls to the Dean to negotiate with the selected candidate(s).

    • The Director of the School provides all required search documents to Faculty Affairs, to be provided by the Chair of the Search Committee.

Fall Committees: 2018-2019
Committee Person Years
Coordinators MA - R.L. Rutsky 2nd year
  MFA - Weimin Zhang 3rd year
  Undergrad - Julian Hoxter 2nd year
  Screenwriting - Julian Hoxter  
  Social Media/Outreach - Daniel Bernardi 2nd year
Governance Greta Snider (Chair)  
  Aaron Kerner 2nd year
  Daniel Bernardi 2nd year
  Weimin Zhang  
Curriculum Jenny Lau (Co-Chair)  
  Scott Boswell UGTF (Co-Chair) 2nd year
  Jason Jakaitis UGTF

2nd year

  Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto  
  Katie Morrissey (audit)  
  Laura Green (audit)  
  Undergrad Advising Taskforce (UGTF)  
Graduate Hiring Committee R.L. Rutsky (MA Coord)  
  Weimin Zhang (MFA Coord)  
  Britta Sjogren (Director)


Retention, Tenure and Promotion Celine Shimizu (Chair) 3rd year
  Steve Choe 2nd year
  Aaron Kerner 2nd year
  Greta Snider 2nd year
  Joe McBride  3rd year
  Daniel Bernardi  
  Pat Jackson (assist-FERP) 3rd year
Assessment Ben Ridgway 2nd year
  Johnny Symons 2nd year
  Katie Morrissey (audit)  
Faculty Leave with Pay Steve Choe 2nd year
  Celine Shimizu 2nd year
Scholarship Committee: * Celine Shimizu 2nd year
  Alex Nevill  
Search Committee Rotated per bylaws  
2018-2019 Sound/Post-prod Search Johnny Symons (Chair)  
  Martha Gorzycki  
  Steve Choe  
  Celine Shimizu  
  Weimin Zhang  
Ad Hoc Committees: 2018-2019
Committee Person Years
Tech Advisory Production Coordinator  
  Greta Snider 2nd year
  Alex Nevill 2nd year
  R.L. Rutsky 2nd year
  Weimin Zhang  
  Arthur Farkas (T) 2nd year
  Michael Cortina (T)  
Lecturer Hiring Committee R.L. Rutsky 2nd year
  Johnny Symons 3rd year
  Steve Choe 2nd year
Film Finals Selection Panel Alex Nevill 2nd year
  Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto

2nd year

  Laura Green  
  Katie Morrissey  
Film Finals Show Presenters

Alex Nevill

  Elizabeth Ramirez-Soto  
MA Section Comiittee (Randy Rutsky to recruit)  
MFA Selection Committee (Weimin Zhang to recruit)  
Undergraduate Club Faculty Liaisons Cinema Collective - Scott Boswell


  DKA - Julian Hoxter  
  Animation Society - Ben Ridgway  
Animation Society Faculty Liaison Martha Gorzycki  
Junior Faculty Mentors

Johnny Symons - Laura Green

  R.L. Rutsky - Katie Morrissey  
Sneak Preview

Jason Jakaitis

  Scott Boswell  
  Johnny Symons  
  Laura Green  
  Katie Morrissey  
MFA Revamp Committee (core) Greta Snider  
  Weimin Zhang  
  Scott Boswell  
University and College Committees: 2018-2019
Committee Person Years
Academic Senate N/A  
Baccalaureate Requirements N/A